• Control Your Workload!

    Do you have more coming in than you can possibly handle? Organize your workload into Tickets. Simply assign them and watch them move. Let Ticketing System tame your workload by handling the details!

    • Manage 300 Tasks At Once Using Tickets!
    • Dispatch Tickets to Workers Easily
    • Give Your Clients Instant Feedback
    • Auto-send Emails to Clients and Workers
    • Easy Sign Up • No Credit Card Required
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  • Are You Overwhelmed?

    Take control and tame your situation. Ticketing System puts you in control. Just open and assign tickets as problems come in. Then manage them through the system.

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    • No Downloads • Nothing Touches Your Hard Drive
    • Make Your Boss and Your Clients Happy
    • Turn Your Workday from Drudgery to Joy!
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    Watch an on-screen presentation showing how one person can easily manage 272 simultaneous jobs. Ticketing System allows an ordinary person to achieve extraordinary results by being super organized!

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Organize Hundreds of Jobs With One Person Easily!

Take Control Of Your Complicated Workplace Forever!

Ticketing System Manages Hundreds of Problems Easily and Efficiently

Do you want to learn how to manage hundreds of simultaneious jobs easily and efficiently in five minutes? If so, watch the Ticketing System video. Ticketing System is a ingenious new way to manage problems. It works by organizing clients, workers, and office people into a single, unified, support system. It gives everyone visibility by organizing problems onto tickets. Once the problem is stated on the ticket and dispatched to a worker, it’s simple to manage the workload. Ticketing System makes order out of chaos by getting everything and everyone into the system. Shown below is a list of dispatched tickets. It’s easy to manage hundreds of problems when they’re organized like this:


Use Ticketing System to dispatch Customer problems to workers. You or your customer initiates the ticket. You assign it to a worker. The worker fixes the problem. You monitor the progress. Ticketing System gets you so organized you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. It’s so easy you don’t even have to send emails. Ticketing System does it for you. You can see hundreds of tickets in your system. All you have to do is move them from New, to Dispatched, to In Work, to Complete. It’s easy. Pretty soon you’ll have hundreds of jobs under your complete control.

Run your customer support like a finely tuned orchestration of people. Satisfy your customers completely. Customers always know what’s happening on their job. Your workers are happy too. They’re being used effectively always working on the most important job. Take control of the environment. Run your maintenance like a pro. Manage hundreds of problems with one or two people. Get Ticketing System and manage your workload easily.

Ticketing System is less than $1 per day. The first 30 days are free. You can start immediately. There is no software to download. Nothing touches your hard drive. There are no contracts to sign. If you’d like to try the 30 day free trial, click the free trial tab above.

Swamped with problems? Ticketing System will take care of it. Managing tasks lowers stress. We are available by phone from 9 to 5, Pacific Time, USA!

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The Ultimate Task Management Software

online-project-softwareOnce you start using Ticketing System you’ll be amazed at how the amount of work you can organize and control. Ticketing System organizes problems onto tickets. One person can manage 300 tickets by dispatching them to workers. Then just manage tickets through the system, from in-work, to complete, to archived. Put all your jobs into the system and start manage a difficult workload with ease.

Your customers will be happy too. When a contact wants information they can log onto the system and see only their tickets. You’ll be a respected go-to resource for getting problems solved. You will always be in control. Get organized with Ticketing System. Keep your happy customers!

Easy To Implement

  • Handles Hundreds of Jobs with Ease
  • Automatic Emailing on Dispatch
  • Customer Ticket Submission
  • Realtime Customer Ticket Statis
  • No software to download
  • Nothings to install
  • Risk free 30 day trial
  • No contracts to sign
  • Leave at any time
  • No Credit Card required
  • No per user fees
  • Nightly and Weekly backups