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How An Entrepreneur Handled The Stress After Landing A Monster Contract

Cathy was a young mother, with a 2-year baby boy, and a devoted husband. Cathy and her husband ran a Laser Printer repair business. They had about a dozen local business accounts, managing and servicing about 1,000 Laser Printers on monthly maintenance contracts. Things were tight financially, but they managed.

Then the call came. It was late fall, 2004. America was in the midst of a real estate boom. Demand for escrow service and title insurance was exploding. This demand was causing small title and escrow companies to blow up and become national companies. One of these was Fidelity National Title. That is who was on the phone.

Fidelity National explained to Cathy, “We are looking for a company to manage our Laser Printers on an annual maintenance contract.”

Cathy responded, “How many offices do you have?”

He said, “We have 1500 branches nationally. Each office has from 5 to 20 printers. There are about 26,000 machines all together. Can you bring us a proposal?”

She stared at the phone after hanging up. Is this really happening?


Cathy was an experienced businesswoman. She knew the chances of winning a contract like this were small. Surely they will want a large, established firm to take this on, not a startup like us. She figured she had a puncher’s chance, so why not try? Cathy enlisted her father for moral support and went to meet Fidelity National the following Monday.

The night before the meeting she looked at the numbers. She scaled up her ten-client business to the 1500 clients they had. The result was a seven figure annual contract. The numbers were astronomical.

She knew the Laser maintenance business, but not on this scale. Intrepid Cathy went to the meeting, with all the confidence she could muster, and laid out her proposal. The meeting room was on the tenth floor, with a floor-to-ceiling ocean view, filled businessmen in expensive leather chairs. Cathy, with a clear unwavering voice, laid out her plan for managing 26,000 pieces of computer equipment. Why not, they won’t take it anyway. She knew meetings like this were good practice.

To her amazement, they took the offer! Upon leaving the meeting she looked at her father in disbelief. They had just closed a multi-million dollar contract.


Two weeks later, Cathy was with her employees celebrating the news. On a typical day they received one or two calls about printers needing maintenance. On the first day of the contract the office received 33 calls from throughout the country. Two important emails came in. One was notification from the bank that $55,000.00 had been deposited in her account. The other was a spreadsheet of 26,000 pieces of equipment held in 1,500 branches. While staring at the spreadsheet, Cathy’s euphoria turned into terror when she realized she had no idea how to manage this workload.

Cathy called her network consultant and asked him if he knew of anyone who could develop a Web system to help handle this workload. He told her that Internet Man, in Tustin, California might be able to help.

She called Internet Man in a panic. She explained she needed a database of 26,000 pieces of equipment, owned by 1,500 branches nationally. She needed branch managers to be able to submit maintenance tickets online. She needed to dispatch those tickets to hundreds of technicians nationwide. She needed to keep status on all tickets and had just seven people to manage it. “Can you do it?” she asked.

That is when Ticketing System was born. Internet Man built the system Cathy envisioned. It worked beautifully. Cathy’s fear subsided as she gained control of the workload. Cathy’s firm passed their six-month review with top grades. Fidelity National renewed the contract at the end of the year. Cathy was transformed from a frightened entrepreneur into a powerful, confident owner of a multi-million-dollar company.

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